I grew up in the 90s expecting to compose 16-bit RPG soundtracks for the rest of my life. Unfortunately someone invented more bits, so here am I a couple decades later still trying to keep up with all the awesome magic that can be made with sound. I still get to do the lo-fi stuff on occasion, but more often than not I seem to compose the hi-fi stuff: everything from glistening sci-fi soundscapes to American folk music and world-influenced fantasy epics. At this point I don't even stick to just soundtracks, much to my 12-year-old-self's chagrin. I've become very happy doing sound design, performing, editing, and directing voice over, and using software like XACT to put everything together.

As a kid I also expected to rely on someone else for the audio quality heavy lifting. I was the "idea guy" who would write the songs and melodies and let someone else figure out how to make it sound good. Unforunately that gets very expensive very quickly, so I've spent the past decade or so honing my engineering, mixing, mastering, and producing chops as well. It's come in handy for both my game music and recordings with my band, SPEAK, and I'm always extremely happy to step into the studio with other artists and put a little of that knowledge to work.

To sum up: I really like sound! If you think I can help you with anything sound-related, let's chat at troupe@troupegammage.com!


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